Spiritual Growth



With massive changes happening in our cultural, political, social, environmental and financial spheres, it is no secret the planet and humankind are undergoing unprecedented evolvement.

While change is a constant and evolvement can only be a good thing towards a higher purpose – it can also lead to many people feeling overwhelmed by what is happening around them.

People with high sensitivity or following a Spiritual path especially can pick up more than others on the stresses of the masses and the uncertainties that accompany change.

There is a wonderful saying that adds a touch of lightness and irony: “There’s only two things that cause folks discomfort – one is change … and the other is the way things are!”


So one of the solutions can be in the way in which we embrace and grow with change – from the inner-self first. One of the Spiritual truths is that when we are loyal to ourselves first and commit to positive change and growth on the inside, our state of consciousness – our outer environment will often change to reflect the inner.

Often things can adjust for the better, or things that no longer serve us can fall by the wayside.

For people with high sensitivity, strengthening our buffer zone against the changes and often turmoil in the world, can simply be about strengthening our “Inner Government” rather than being influenced by “Outer Government”.

When we become stronger in our inner beliefs, purpose and Spiritual values as true guidelines to navigate life by, we can RESPOND to the environment in a way that is appropriate to us – rather than REACTING to or buying into outer events and the pressures and expectations of others.

The stronger we get in our Spiritual core, the more stable we become and the more we can then hold a space of service to others who are seeking the same.


As a part of this, it can be essential to find a supportive network or community of people sharing the same journey.

When people are on a path of Spiritual growth, it becomes inevitable we eventually outgrow old ways of thinking, old situations and often people who are growing at a different pace.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a Spiritual path is becoming a “lonelier” path. As is often said in this community – it just feels lonely because there is more room at the top! The air is more rare.  In other words, often it is because we have risen above what was once familiar.

The good news is that like attracts like, and we can soon attract the type of people on a new level that we have moved towards.


Being involved in a Spiritual community of like-minded people can create one of the most important things on our journey of human experience – connection and fellowship!

This is the warmth and love that feeds and energises the Soul – and it is what much of the planet is sub-consciously seeking, often in superficial and unrewarding ways.

We get this belonging on the very deepest and most fulfilling level in our own personal connection with Spirit – our companions in our connection to the source and our life’s purpose here.

And it helps to have this in our daily interactions and experiences with people!  Otherwise why would we be here if not to interact, learn and grow with others on many levels?  It is the school of Planet Earth, and class is always in session!

The other big benefit of being involved in a Spiritual community is that it gives us support and a base of experience. Teamwork to then do our Spiritual work of helping others who are seeking the same thing.  To connect with their true selves and personal loyalty, their connection with Spirit.  To find their higher calling in life and a sense of belonging in those around them.

Being loyal and committed to our own Spiritual growth for our own benefit. – Helping to create Spiritual community among those we are here to work with, is like the ripple in the pond that spreads out in increasing circles.

It touches those who are searching and waiting to feel it.

This is part of the purpose IPMI Australia is here to support.

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