Tranquillity and Accomplishment Workshop


Throughout time people have found answers to life through tapping the higher consciousness by prayer and meditation.

This takes you on a journey of inner understanding of your beingness and you begin to see your life from a different perspective.  You will not only understand the structure of your makeup but also having the inner knowing of your direction in life.   With the clarity and understanding that comes from looking at your life from a different perspective, and work with an inner security that comes from understanding how important each day really is.

This 4 hour workshop will help you to learn keys to deal with Anxiety and Guilt.

You will learn a unique technique to create your own inner “Sea of Inner Tranquillity” technique. 

  • The “Sea of Tranquillity” technique can be used in your everyday life.  Once you learn this technique it will take less than a minute to obtain the insights and relaxation.  With other types of meditation they often take an hour or more to achieve the same clarity.
  • This technique allows you to stay detached in situations of stress and pressure. It allows you the mental space to find your own truth in the situation.
  • If you are a person that meditates regularly, or you have never mediated before, this workshop is for you.

Facilitator:     Pamela England

Pamela England

Pamela England

Pamela England

DATE: Saturday 14th July, 2018

TIMING: 4 Hours

9am – 1pm

VENUE: Woodlands Park House

PRICE: $80.00 if paid in Advance; $100.00 if paid at Door

Paper, Pens, Munchies & your RECEIPT

Coffee, Tea, Milk, Nibbles 
AND associated books for sale

If you have a particular dietary need.. (i.e. Dairy, Gluten, Vegan) Please let the facilitator know in advance.

If you would like this workshop to be put on locally, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll inspire a Leader to process your request.

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