While doing some deep meditation on my direction for the new year of “In Living Breath” I was shown around a set of 4 brand new units. The guy said, “Congratulations Sharna!” and handed me the keys and the titles to the units.

The feeling was tremendously exciting and uplifting and I continued to dream about what I’d do with them; if I’d rent them out or make a ‘safe’ home for women and children in domestic violence situations. I saw myself signing across one to my son for his financial future after mystery flying him across to choose one and he too was over the moon about it.

When I came out of the meditation, my guidance said, “You may need to buy a ticket first!” The very next day an email from RSL Home Tickets was there, so I clicked the link and yep… 4 units on Palm Beach was the next prize home. I bought 10 tickets… obviously!! If this was the 4 units, I was at least in the draw.

For the next month I continued to dream about the units… little dreams like mowing, gardening, changing the colour scheme in the one I was living in, clients coming, THT’s happening there etc. The feeling of change, an upgrade to my thrust, “Affluent Being” and living in the new home was inspiring and a feeling of I am worthy, my time has come, my rewards are here manifesting.

The draw came and I truly was expecting a phone call or email… but it went by without any communication, then finally the Official Draw email and NO, I did not win!! At no point did I feel that I wasn’t going to win, nor did any problems or sabotage present in my futuristic dreams and meditations. I was gobsmacked… what had gone ‘wrong?’

There was a flattening of my energy and I heard my guides say… “Expectation energy, Eliminate that and Regroup.” I did and let it go on all levels.

One month later I now am sitting writing this article in 4 brand new units!!

No I did not “Win” them in a raffle! Instead a friend who’s husband had recently died was in the middle of their building project when he became ill, so all work stopped for her to attend to his needs. She offered me the opportunity of care-taking these luxury units as they’d been broken into and her momentum to complete them was nil after her recent events.

The surprise was, I didn’t need to buy a ticket to live in the dream units. Because I regrouped, the momentum of those little dreams continued.

I am grateful for this opportunity to be of service to myself and finishing my friends project and by upgrading my living environment… living, breathing, interacting here will lead me to actually manifesting my dream permanent home and the past was just practice with refining and eliminating expectations 🙂

The “HOW” is always Spirits’ Business – In Living Breath!

IVPF – Gold Coast, Qld, Australia.