Grieving is a ‘normal’ part of our human experiences! How long and how deep can be a choice… but we cannot escape the intensity of this layer of completing the life’s journey here in 3D.
Most grieving is because we have a perception of losing something or someone in our lives; like a relationship or business ends, we lose our homes, our pets, parents, children or a good friend dies. These are ‘seen’ and ‘felt’ and are tangible. Through time, love and understanding and/or counselling the grieving completes it’s cycle in our mind, body and soul. We reset our emotional black hole.

But, there are more subtle layers to experiencing grieving; Often before our contract really started. (At least, in this incarnation)
“My mother died when I was born.”
“My father died when I was 3.”
“I lost a baby at 5 months.”
“I was adopted, but my biological parents don’t want to meet me.”
“My soul mate has decided not to incarnate.”
“I have 3 children contracts, but I cannot get pregnant.”
“I wasn’t permitted to interact with my grandfather, whom was my prototype for grace.”
“Because of my accident, I cannot do my work anymore.”

If our perceptions get stuck with only one door in/out, we stay in the emotions of the unresolved contract. Betrayal, unequipped, at a loss, no momentum, depression, let down, sadness, disabled, unfairness, lost time, unfulfilled, resentment are a few emotions that come with an unresolved contract.
One way to clear the residue of emotions is through Trance Healing Tables, in particular C or D THT’s.

Another way is to ask your Angels “What qualities in that unresolved relationship can I gain from other means, people or relationships?” It’s a bit like if you go to Target and they don’t have the item you want, you don’t just stay in the shop waiting for them to stock the item, no, you tottle off to Kmart or a supermarket and there it will be.

Another way is to re-schedule the contract… Have a meeting in the Universe with the soul and both teams of Angels and if agreed, pick a future timeline to bring them back into the physical where the main goal is to complete the contract.

And don’t forget; sometimes the very absence of the relationship is the contract. This can be a blind spot for some, assuming the ‘togetherness’ and ‘shared experience’ is the contract.
Because we are consciously awake beings, we can delve deeper or ask our Angels questions to clarify this area. This is a powerful solution we can offer other beings, the 1001 profile, to enable their personal healing. The big picture always has solutions!

Sharna O’Grady