(Agreeably, Blending in)

I have a spiritual thrust that says,
‘To build Peace and Harmony Within, Creates Peace and Harmony Without’

One of the first types of harmony I learned was in music. Playing in a band and singing. My brother Christopher does this as a professional jazz musician and my 83 year old mother trains singing groups.

With school and team sports there had to be some kind of harmonious interaction with fellow students – but not necessarily with members of other teams! Oops…
One of the greatest harmonies for me would be when I started to learn to tune in and work with spirit (spirit guides, angels). I need to feel that I am relatively relaxed, grounded and spiritually cleansed to be able to confidently tune into the wisdom of my experiences and the whispering suggestions from spirit.
A lot of harmonious things seem to require a degree of practice, and I believe even mother nature would agree with that on occasions.

There is nothing like singing in a group or being in a healing circle to reinstate a sense of harmony with people and your environment.

I don’t think the term harmoniously is necessarily one of passivity or peacefulness all the time.
How do you harmoniously work with your children when they are running rampant?
My daughter does this by counting 1-2-3. If by that time things have not settled, the kids get sent to their rooms for a time of reflection until they have ‘harmoniously readjusted’, we hope.

With regard people and relationships. Whenever you may have held back, to fit in, or covered up your feelings. Is that being harmonious?

With some people, it may not help to express everything at once, timing counts where reactiveness may rear itself, because sometimes if things can be misconstrued, they may well be.
Maybe, I need sometimes, to discern (and cleanse and check) what is coming ahead so I stay forewarned. Then I can stay more relaxed without being subject to demands, prejudice, argumentativeness, procrastination or problems.

It doesn’t mean we need to lie or cover up what we sincerely feel.

Living harmoniously lends more toward a smile from the mouth and eyes and the ability to freely engage with all people from all walks of life.

Harmoniously, feels like sliding through the environment, rather than pushing my way through.
To love one another, as ourselves. To leap tall buildings in a single bound, to share and care. We are here to be wayshowers, living and sharing harmoniously together, in mind, body and soul.

Gavin Greive