I meet many older people and I’m often impressed by their good attitude to life. They seem to become increasingly aware of how futile it is to spend precious energy being unhappy.

I belong to a social group which also fundraisers for needy students. These people are seniors and have a lot of life experience.  They’ve been through the war years, they’ve seen loved ones pass away and they have had serious illnesses. Still they are determined to have a good time, enjoy the nice things and just love to be with their friends.

I’ve also taught in high school and tutored lots of kids. Many young people have a great attitude to life. They work with others, they accept they are in school to learn and they know success is up to them. They are willing to give life a go.

I see this good attitude in lectures as well. Many new people are humble enough to see that they can learn something. They appreciate that someone gave them an opportunity. It can take a little time for them to see that they might just have qualities which can inspire others. When they do see this healing ability in themselves they can start to change their life for the better.

Johanna White