“The next millennium will be about clarifying loyalty and responsibility to the self.”

~ Francisco Coll D.D.

With this in mind he channelled the work in the 738 Series to prepare us all for the challenges ahead.  They dive deep into loyalty and responsibility to self and are filled with refined techniques and tools to spiritually prepare and arm us for any road bumps.

This series was also created to strengthen our souls, mind and body for training to do “D” Trance Healing Tables by eliminating the hooks of confusion and misguided belief systems which disarm us to do our work and live our crystal clear thrusts so we can be examples of “Walking Angels On Earth” or “Wayshowers in Action”.

Doing the Cleansing technique, the #1003 A Orange Sheet Therapy, filling up and repairing your Buffer Zone and refreshing are the basics to staying on your pivot in all situations… Having clean and clear direction with balance, kindness and accomplishment at your helm will ensure safe passage as we travel through this minefield of concepts and negative energy that is now evident on Planet Earth from all sides.

Sure we can turn off the Television, Radio, Social Media and stay isolated from people, but when we are buffered, we can stay in our detached level of consciousness and not get swayed in any way and be that shining example of the Wayshower.  If anything or anyone triggers you.. then.. your next concept to heal is in your face to do the inner work. 

 Nothing is OUT THERE… it’s all an inside job!  We are masterful creators!

Now, for an even deeper dive into the propellers of loyalty and responsibility of the soul. 

 Bear with me as I refresh your Scientific information.  If anyone has done any ATOM study you will know that the Atom is primarily made up of:

  • Nucleus
  • Protons
  • Neutrons
  • Electrons

The Nucleus encapsulates and bonds the Protons and Neutrons and the Electrons buzz around that core to stabilise it in action.  Spiritually and Scientifically the atom is the building block of the universe.  The number of protons, neutrons and electrons change with the complexity or chemical make up of the specific building block.  EG.  Water Molecule = H2O = 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen and they share electrons which is called bonding.


Our bodies are made up of 60+ % of water molecules/atoms.  The breakdown of the rest is in the below diagram.

  • We come from Water
  • We will return to Water
  • We come from Spirit
  • We will return to Spirit

When cells/atoms are healthy, the nucleus is protected by the electrons.  When we come into relationship with others or contact with objects the electrons either bond with or repel the other ‘foreign body’.  We either form positive, negative or neutral relationships on a sub atomic level, even before we experience anything with that person or object.

Now, that the science class is over let’s overlay it onto spiritual wisdom here. 

  • The Nucleus represents the LOYALTY propeller and –
  • The Electrons represent the RESPONSIBILITY propeller.
  • The Protons are our Thoughts
  • The Neutrons are our Feelings
  • The Electrons are our Actions

The Nucleus embodies a positive charge with the Protons, a Neutral charge with the Neutrons and the Electrons carry a Negative Charge.  All 3 create the atom/cells and balance our 2 propellers of Loyalty and Responsibility.

With any interaction, we borrow or lend Electrons for bonding to/with the ‘foreign body’ in an attempt to socialise with it, fix or heal it, use or dominate it.  We either become charged up or discharged depending on that event.  Our cellular make up is changed by this interaction.

When a dis-ease or illness vibrates within us, our cells move into ‘protection and repair’:  We witness on a sub atomic level an actual shift in the balance of the propellers and our frequency and vibration changes … In really dis-eased states the nucleus becomes separated from the electrons that protect and stabilise the cells; This becomes critical to death state.

There is also Quarks and Quasars that blip in and out of the basic atomic field and science hasn’t enough information on these to qualify what they actually do yet.  For me spiritually these are examples of being in another timeline or lifetime and added spiritual backing from source as we are all God Source and Connected – Quantum physics is just getting an idea and some proof of the multi-universe that we live in.

Over the next millennium it is imperative to keep our 2 propellers balanced.  To dismiss/heal/integrate any concepts and beliefs that keep us obligated to the outside world, that harm our cellular make up, that does not support our well being.

Of course minding our own business and doing our 50% will lessen a discharged or dis-eased condition.  All interaction creates a cellular change… It is up to us to honour our journey and stay at a maximum balanced state.


Sharna – IVPF – Australia