I am the miracle of “The joy and love within is the mirror of my soul”. My thrust, my energy, my presence for being here on this planet.

The ship my mother took after the war to travel to Sydney, Australia, broke down outside of the port of Fremantle, Western Australia. She never went to the eastern states of Australia, instead she met my father and here I am, a miracle.

I experience three events before coming into program. A house fire, where good timing allowed me to escape some of the toxic fumes that had almost fill the house. My father’s passing, where at the time, unknown to me the regrouping he was doing would be his last before he moved on.    The last event a miracle of life, a car accident where I stepped away from wreckage with just bruising, a miracle. Clearly, I was being shown I am looked after. After these events, especially the last, where I had so many questions led me to a lecture, my angel profile and straight into a Trance Healing training course.

Reflecting back, these were miraculous times, as I could have made different choices, such as getting caught in the intellectual doubt running through my brain. My soul, my inner feelings were connected to the word ‘evolve’ which had been repeated through the flyer for that training course. To this day I remember my thought … “Who was I to have training that I knew nothing about?”  I still went, and since 1987 I have been involved in Trance Healing tables and training, an important service to the community, leaders and the planet to provide direction for souls passed over.

Recently I travelled to New Zealand to participate in The Miracles course presented by Tiger Coll.

Back tracking 3 years prior, I was on a journey of the Intellectual mind, not an area I choose to work heavily out of, however, for my journey and understanding specific experiences connected to anxiety, depression and even suicide, provided invaluable information.

I am a practical, happy, feeling, sensitive person. Vision is my first gift by the way.

How did I accomplish my journey, when the requirement was to use, stimulate the mind, actually over stimulate the mind? The key…….. NATURE. Nature has always been important to me. When the mind is over stimulated, like a freeway/highway of thoughts the more time in nature is required to release and balance energies that are not even of my own vibration. I guess I could have said to myself I am not going to finish the course I started, however, accomplishment, moving through this journey was super important for me to have the training of an Early Childhood Educator. I knew the heavy intellectual energy I would be working with and so I asked my own team of spiritual helpers to back me.

Maintaining positivity and happiness, and seeking out those people and places that assist to build positive energy became PRIORITY ONE VALUE for me. I guess this is how diamonds are made. Massive amounts of pressure to solidify into crystal clear, sparkling, precious, valuable gems of all colours. The diamonds of happiness.

In 2018, I found out Tiger was coming to Australia to present the Miracles Course during Easter 2019. However, I just knew I would not be on the East Coast of Australia for this event. I found this to be odd, as what was being offered sounded wonderful, and a good time to regroup. BUT what did I feel? Nothing, if anything the feeling was flat. I worked out a long time ago flat energy means no revitalising energy for me. It was like going to a cake store to buy delicious cake, BUT I could not even find what I required, the result feeling flat. Which is not even a part of my energy or my thrust.  Feeling inspired, uplifted and happy are key energies to keep moving forward.

It wasn’t until a few days after the Australian weekend, my guidance said to me “You are going to have a healing tonight”. In all the years I have been working with my spiritual helpers, I have asked for healings from them, so to hear the reverse, made me very conscious and curious. I knew something important would result in the morning. Thank goodness for guidance. I could feel chills happening while I slept… a very FEELING experience.  When I woke, did I feel different, not really, BUT I was discerning what feeling do I require to keep moving forward in my life. GREEN LUCIOUSNESS.

New Zealand is a green and luscious place to me, and in that moment, I decided I would do the Miracle course there. New Zealand a place surrounded by water (Spirit), greenery (heart energy and growth) and relaxing in happy connections with people. In one day, my flights, stay, the Miracles Course and the Levels as a journeyman were all booked in and payed for.

PLUS, the BIGGEST BONUS was I was going out of my normal environment to regroup myself.  Hooray for Angels!! Hooray for Guidance!! Hooray for that crystal-clear energy that works with us every day!!!

The feeling of being uplifted and excitement filled my soul. The deliciousness of being able to relax even deeper, how divine.  What a delight to be regrouped in a relaxing environment.

The course was wonderful, full of confirmations, clearing, sharing, laughter, connections, feelings of honesty, joy, warmth and openness. What a blissful zone, D zone to nurture oneself on all levels.  I am so grateful. Thank you, Tiger for rallying the forces.

Life is full of daily miracles, from major changes in our lives, to the miracles we choose to create for ourselves. The tiny miracle of golden leaves falling gently in the breeze to plants growing through the earth seeking the sunlight and always moving upwards.

Living my thrust is my miracle!

Dian Picijio

Perth, Western Australia