I am good at escaping and I admit I do it regularly. it is not ideal but for now it is a solution that helps me cope and gives me a breather away from the source that is putting pressure on me or creating stress for me.
I am distancing myself from my problem s0 that I can relax and heal. When I am in the thick of it, I have unconsciously and sometimes consciously, erected a protective wall around myself. Unfortunately it affects my connection with my Spiritual Helpers and to my inner communication system. I can’t trust it. So I escape to heal, to reset my connections and focus – along the lines of that saying “he who fights and runs away / lives to fight another day.”
This gives me the space I need to cut the connection and tune back into the me I want to be, not the me who is stuck, stressed and overwhelmed. Old habits don’t want to let go and seem to grab out at me when I let my guard down. They are like the guest who overstays their welcome and have trouble getting them to leave. They refuse to listen to you by hearing what they want to hear, deliberately misinterpreting what you say, talk over you , are convinced that what they heard is fact. They can sometimes create a conversation that never happened and insist that it did and won’t be told differently. There is not point in telling them what did or did not happen, they are not going to listen.
By removing myself from the situation, I have chosen not to feed it anymore of my time and energy and instead, work at removing it’s hooks (the mind chatter and emotions connected to them) by focusing on and doing something that I enjoy, that is easy to sink into and be absorbed by. I find that going for a walk, gardening, reading, cleaning, going to the movies or having a coffee at the local cafe all work for me.
With distance, I can tune into my Spiritual Helpers again and can organise my options and my facts. I can prepare to go back and deal with what I can deal with. It may not be the whole enchilada but it will be one of the triggers that set the ball in motion to throw me off being the real me.
Importantly, I move my thoughts into the positive zone, especially when I remind myself regularly that I am a work in progress. It helps me stop judging or being critical of myself which is the opposite of being constructive. I can restart building the bridges to where I want to be, to the me that I want to be. I grow stronger and more confident. I begin to celebrate my achievements, and teach myself to approach my situations as learning opportunities full of potential.
How I deal with myself, is how I will build myself, my environment and the situations I attract. The more I act out of love and true concern, the less I will get caught in unpleasant or hurtful situations. I will be able to see the game and feel the potential hooks as it comes towards me, allowing me time to step aside or if that is not possible, then to minimise the fall out. To work out a strategy.
In order to deal with the world, I need to first deal with myself, my state of consciousness, my health, my work, my friends, my reactions, my everything. As a soul my first obligation is to myself and what I came to do. As a soul I have come to heal various concepts, When I heal an area, I can’t help but create an echo in the vibrations of the world around me, the people around me. What is true for me is true for everyone. By healing myself I broadcast that health, that positivity. This will resonate with others who are struggling and will give hope that they too can achieve the same.
When I am sincerely dealing with my world, I am doing the best I can, I am working on creating inner harmony and balance.
My balance requires unbiased interpretation of, and communication of the facts. The organisation of the facts then start to form an image, an understanding, a knowing and a feeling that will help me to put together a plan of action.
If the plan does not at first succeed, then I can go back to the foundation and re-calibrate my action plan. The quicker I pick myself up, dust myself off, the sooner I will reach my goal and be on the road to mastering the situation.
When I run away or escape with not intention of dealing or sorting out my situation it is like stuffing it all in a cupboard. Sooner or later I won’t be able to stuff anymore in it and I won’t be able to close it and every time I do open it the stuff that is in there has the potential to fall on me.
Another image that comes to mind is me putting my head in the sand like an ostrich – if I don’t see it then it isn’t there. This mindset is wasting my time, I am not dealing – I am not learning, not improving, not growing. I am postponing the inevitable, and the more I indulge this weakness the more bogged down or burdened I will become.
Unknowingly I have become a hoarder. A hoarder of things I want to hide from myself and others. That takes a lot of work. Work is defined as time and energy to maintain it – that is not what I want out of life. I don’t want to be possessive of my mistakes, my issues, my troubles. Those are not investments that will appreciate in value over time. They are a drain on my resources.
Every learning lesson poses a question and requires a decision- do I deal or do hide and cover up?
Halina Oleskowska – dealing with life the best way I can at this moment in time.