September is the start of the New Spiritual Year and IPMI along with it’s alliance organizations have tuned into a theme of “Building Pivots”. Pivots is the word that struck me as different, before it was about being on your pivot – singular and now it is plural. The energy has changed. The focus has changed, now it is strongly a call to action to create relationships and networks that are individual pivot points as“temporary landing pads”. That my personal foundation that I am pivoting from really needs to be anchored firmly inside me. It also tells me that there will be a lot of change in my environment so I need to be flexible and nimble.

Sometimes change feels like “what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger” and sometimes it feels like a slippery dip when I feel like it is all happening too fast. No matter what I tell myself it feels like won’t change the fact that change is a fact of life.

Dramatizing change is when I think of it as more of an upheaval. This happens when I have ignored the warning signs, hoping it would all go away. That if I ignored it, it would ignore me. It happens when I stubbornly cling to what I have, what I have created for myself and am comfortable with because like a blind person, I am familiar with the layout of the environment.

Sometimes I go kicking and screaming to the fore, resentful, angry and with a whole bucket load of scared. My thoughts run to: “how do I get myself into these situations?” and “why me?” along with the classics, “I can’t do this.” and “I am going to make a mess of this and fail with everyone watching” “I did not ask for this so why is God punishing me?” and so on.

The truth is that the more things stay the same, the more complacent things become. Like water if left in a container for a long period of time it becomes brackish – all the oxygen that was in it originally has been used up. Fresh water is full oxygen, it is not something we are used to testing for in our society, but it is an issue in other parts of the world. It does not have a real taste when we drink it but it is essential to our wellbeing – we not only breathe in oxygen we absorb it from the food we eat and the water we drink.

Everything on planet earth is about change, nothing stays the same for too long – whenever man has tried to make change stop and become managed. mother nature lets us know who is boss. Whenever society or parts of society have manipulated the rules to keep the status quo, a revolution of some sort occurs. Holding back progress means that change when it comes, will come at a higher price.

When I look at change as oxygen for my soul, then my whole perspective changes. Instead of fighting it and resenting it, I can prepare myself to flow with it. Change is a river of energy channeled by the rhythms of the universe.

The times that I have the most trouble with change or new situations are when I have predisposed myself to not “like” it and to fight accepting it. The times that change is not an issue or problem is when I focus on what I am looking for what that change will do for me, or what I care about.

To fight change is to suffer the consequences. Listening or taking heed of my true feelings and using my discernment is the key to helping me focus on the benefits rather than the perceived negatives. I can choose to look forward to it, do my best to move with it and prosper or I can try to fight it, and risk being caught in an upheaval or a revolution of some kind where the energy is rougher and less forgiving.

Another way to look at change is growth. Parents often buy shoes and school uniforms a size larger than what a child needs at the time, they anticipate growth and prepare for it. They know that the child will outgrow the size they are now in a relatively short period of time and rather than keep on outlaying for outgrown items they anticipate or focus on the reality that a child is about growing physically as well as toward adulthood.

My attitude determines how smoothly I live my life. The areas that are smoothest are those that I have mastered. The areas that I have a hard time with are those that I am working on, where I have misconceptions, where I am using inappropriate tools or applying someone else’s logic or experience – areas that I am weak in and that I have chosen to work on this lifetime. Those areas, in particular, will not go away because before I decided to come here I decided to grow in those areas and have given the universe permission to direct those experiences my way. I chose them as my learning lessons for this lifetime.

My connection to my true feelings and sensitivity balanced with discernment are tools but my greatest asset are my personal team of Spiritual Helpers who are with me all the way, mentoring me, supporting me and telling me the truth, encouraging me to see more, do more and live my potential. They are my inner cheer squad who see me as I am and what I am working toward achieving – what I want to be and where I want to be. All I have to do is learn to listen. To acknowledge and to follow through with action.

Halina Oleskowska – Accepting change is what will make me successful, will put me in the right place at the right time to enjoy the fruits or the benefits of my new reality.