The image that pops into my mind having read this quote is of a family or a group of people at the dinner table. They have just finished the business of consuming their meal and are now replete.

Now it is time to digest the food or energy they have eaten. I see them relaxed and at peace, enjoying the moment, enjoying the company and perhaps also enjoying a glass of wine as they share about their day, reluctant to move just yet. Feeling connected with no urgency to move into action just yet and knowing that when that time comes around it will be at a different pace to the rest of the day. There is contentment, agreement, and co-ordination.

When it is time to move, instead of hustle and bustle it is a flowing into what needs to be done so that everyone can come back to a place to just be, to veg out some more, to maybe watch some videos or some shows on the TV. To talk quietly, maybe read a book. It is the gentle winding down of the day in the company of my family, feeling safe, secure and connected.
That image is not what happens today and the hustle and bustle never seems to stop. Families these days, for the most part, do not gather around a table to eat and connect. The norm seems to be to eat with your dinner on your lap as you are watching the TV or a video – everyone is still multitasking in one way or another.

Some members of the family appear to have it easy and switch off from the rest of the company, often deliberately ignore them. while others are clearing the remains of the meal away, washing up, cleaning and working to prepare for the next day. There is a feeling of division, of haves and have nots.

There is a discordant note in the “home” because there is a lot that is not being said or if said is further stirring the disconnection, the division. Instead of rest and a winding down, there is tension, a tension that can flare up at any moment. A need to be defensive, balanced out with aggression, a wanting to duck and hide.

I am my home. I am like that inside when I don’t take the time to regroup my day. When I don’t review what has happened and how I feel about it, work out what I could have done better as well as what went well, that I am happy or pleased with and find the key that made the difference.

Instead, I am still in action mode, still hustling and bustling, mostly in my mind – I am on edge and ‘trying” to rest in spurts. Random memories of incidents that happened throughout the day as well as similar situations that occurred on other days keep popping into my consciousness and taking me off on tangents. Some are pleasant but most are not. They are mostly “issues” about my actions or inaction, with other people, with a project at work or at home.

I have not closed down, I am still “working” on the inside if not on the outside. I feel tired but something won’t let me rest and even if I do it is not quality rest. I unconsciously know I am sick on the inside, I feel unwell more often than not. No one cares, no one listens.

The reality is I am the one who needs to care. I am the one who needs to listen. I am the one who can change my situation – I created it.
t is MY dinner table. It is MY family that I ignore or respect and honor. It is with MY Spiritual Helpers and MY higher self, MY inner communication system, MY impressions, thoughts and feelings . with whom I “discuss” my day with them until I feel complete.

I have consumed my meal and I am digesting it so that my food (my experiences throughout the day) nourish me, my body and soul. I allow my body to rest, rejuvenate and heal by wrapping up my day.

I say goodbye to anything that is not” family” and thank them for the lessons they provided. They are acquaintances that I may still have something in common with or will never see again. I release the burdens of the day.

Conclusion: I need to acknowledge and respect my experiences each day to fully benefit from the opportunity they provide. By doing so, I can put each day to bed and tuck it in. It is then that I can truly freely release and finally rest.

This is how I can make each day something to look forward to – I awake energized and excited about what is in store for me. I love my life and look forward to each and every moment.

Halina Oleskowska – Meditation and regrouping help me with perspective allow me to see solutions and options that I would otherwise be blind to.

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