Words can heal and words can tear down. Words of themselves are harmless. It is the intent that carries them that is either a soothing balm or a missile, armed and meant to do damage.

When I am in balance, living within my true feelings in harmony with my world then it never enters my head to use words in any other way other than to build positivity around me.

That means directing or “arming my words with healing, positivity, inspiration, or encouragement so that I nourish my soul. I create an environment that nurtures and fosters me to do better, be better, to identify and free myself from concepts or habits that hinder or dampen this energy.

When I arm my words with anger, resentment, spite or jealousy, I attract more of the same in retaliation.

When I hear words coming out of my mouth that surprise me and don’t reflect my true concern, my higher self, then it is time to look inside to find the child who is hurting, to acknowledge the pain, and to lovingly share my understanding as an adult, To engage my Spiritual Helpers to help me heal and to discern what action I need to take. To ask, “Is this a simple misunderstanding or is this something that has deep roots?”

If it has deep roots, then I need help. For society, that help would come from a psychiatrist but I have become aware that the core of all disharmony is not healed by the mind, it needs to be dealt with on the spiritual plane.

That is why I am so grateful that there are Spiritual Profiles and trained consultants available who can help. The other big difference is that these consultants work with Spirit. They work via their own personal team of Spiritual Helpers who communicate with mine to get to the root of the issue for right now.

The consultation is all about me and what I need to work on to heal, I work with my spiritual helpers to understand why am behaving the way I am, why I am feeling or being emotional. To find where is started or took root.

Most often it relates back to a particular incident somewhere in my childhood. It creates an echoing pattern of disturbance that ripples through my life until I stop it.
So I need to listen to my thoughts. I need to listen to my words and make sure they reflect who I really am and what I am building for myself.

The other area I need to be aware of is that as a sensitive empathic person I pick up the thoughts and feelings of others. If I do not discern what is me and not me then I could be verbalizing someone else’s thoughts, emotions, and feelings – not mine.

That only happens when I am not minding my own business – focusing on what I want to do, what I want to heal, what I want to create. That is not being selfish, that is being sincere and honest with myself and respecting what I have come to do this lifetime.

Halina Oleskowska – My Spiritual Helpers are my best friends.