If you have a dream and desire to do your spiritual work, we have a dream and desire to back you.

Through inspiration, it has become very clear to us the need to reach new leaders and inspire searchers on their spiritual journey.  For this reason, we are offering a “Golden Opportunity” for 2020.


As a seasoned leader, we are aware that you have apprentices all over the world (as shown in your 7001 profile).  We want to hear where they are.

IPMI Australia has resolved to back and sponsor program expansion through 2020.  This means  support with planning, organisation, promotion, manpower and limited financial assistance where needed.

We understand that touring, whether local or international, requires a significant commitment of time, energy and resources.   It is for this reason IPMI Au would like to offer you this “Golden Opportunity”.

If this of interest to you we are happy to assist you with the following –

  • Setting up your tour
    • Planning
      • tour co-ordination (3 month plans etc.)
      • follow up communications and tours.
    • Organization
      • researching venues
      • outreach and promotion (materials, social media, local networking)
  • What we need from you
    • your name and contact details
    • what are your goals
    • what introductory programs do you want to offer?
    • what timing are you wanting for these programs?
    • what locations, whether nationally or internationally (we highly recommend you refer to your 7001 profile)?
    • your complete bio and clear photos
    • what areas of assistance (promotion, travel, venue) you need?

You can submit this to or contact Pamela on 0410 602 021.

Special Note: “Sponsorship” carries with it, certain roles and responsibilities.  These include the promotion and endorsement of IPMI Australia, its memberships and subscriptions, as well as representing the high level of spiritual standards synonymous with the programs we offer – you are the voice of spirit and program!