Yesterday I travelled to Melbourne to see Ewart Gazzard. I had three fabulous counsellings with him, all around the same theme .

At the end of the sessions we started sharing and Ewart interviewed me about how I became involved with the college (interview coming soon) .

While we were sharing a memory dropped in about my time at RTE. I’d just finished the last course of the 738 series .

I found myself standing in front of Francisco . I wanted to thank him for everything he had done, alas not one thought entered my head , so I just stood there .

Francisco laughed and said “You see miracles are real”
My mind unfroze and I knew he was right. I’d just experienced a miracle “Silence” . No noisy mind. Just silence – inner peace .

I thanked him for being and for bringing the college to earth . He smiled and went on with the breakfast I interrupted.

I’ve had many memories of my moments with him since . And the wonder of what he bought into being. And how I miss his presence.

But he left us with another wonder “Tiger”. who has taken the helm and has become a new wonder.

F.C put it together . Tiger has taken us forward since then and refined what we do and how we do it . Making it easier and simpler . Opening us up to people by his changes . Making us more accessible to the masses, which from memory, if it serves me well, is a part of his spiritual thrust. Rallying the Forces . I know that that is what we need to do. “Reach the masses” Tigers energy and the thrust and all that he has done since FC’s passing Is amazing.

I love the simplicity of checking back in. I had been out in the wilderness for years as I’d lost touch with the people I knew, I went to Facebook and did a search or three and found IPMI Australia, Ewart, Pamela and other leaders I knew way back when .

So its my turn to thank you for making it easier to plug back in .

So my heartfelt thanks I’ve found my way home . My feelings are now satiated. Just as I am everything I share .

I’ve been pushing it to catch up and heal and release my feelings ever since. I did some PMM courses and had counselling galore and looking forward to doing more.

I can never be saturated, it seems my thirst is unquenchable .

Thank you very much because of you I’ve found myself at peace again . And involved with living life .