Things seem to change depending on how you see them, so turn off all your thought into love. The intuitive song is something I use to pivot myself and stay positive no matter what is going on around me. Life is simple if I remember to routinely do the basics, that my team sometimes refers to as the fundamentals. Life is simple when I stay cleansed (aura energy-boosting and clearing technique), check with my guidance, and get a keyword for the day or situation. If I do these basic things I can stay on top of my situation, everything else is extra.

What are my needs? In the 1003-A Percentage of Balance in the Glandular System profile therapy sheet (orange), under needs, it mentions “basic needs that we all share; health, food, shelter, love, and sex.” Do we have other needs? What is the difference between a need and a want? To me, needs are things that keep me stable and able to function in life in a positive way. A want is an aspiration, something I am working towards, to move forwards in my life. They are both important, but my needs take priority. If I don’t take car fo my needs first, I am not on solid ground and soon a storm or challenge will blow me over.

When I take the time to discern my needs on different levels, ie spiritual, physical, close relationships, and work or opportunity in the community, it affects the bigger picture going forward. For instance, staying ‘cleansed”, getting a keyword, and having a close relationship with my guides(angels) impacts my spiritual health. Food, taking in new ideas through spiritual programs, books, podcasts, conversations with others, are ways that I nourish my state of consciousness, I expand and grow. Shelter: is establishing a sanctuary that I can go be with my angels, meditate, regroup and feel at one with my true self. My sacred place. Love: to love myself, I can’t love anyone else more than I love myself. I can’t give something I don’t have. If there is something that I can’t love, then I need to understand why and heal it. Once you love yourself fully and unconditionally, you can love all things.

Sex is communication, when I take the time to communicate to someone else, giving them my full attention, and listening to them, I am communicating in a respectful way, I am having “sex” with that person. It does not matter if this person is male or female. If I take that person’s ideas and concepts within me, I am having intercourse on a spiritual level.

My needs: my physical body: health, normal routine hygiene, keep my body cleansed, exercise and watch my weight. If I have health concerns, take care of them promptly. Food: as I have moved through each seven year cycle, my food needs change. I evaluate what is best for me at this time. Not that I have to deny myself, satisfy the urge moderately.

Shelter: a place to be protected from weather and other environmental difficulties, and a physical pivot point where I can stay physically and spiritually regroup. Love: love my physical body, if I didn’t have it, I could not stay on Planet Earth. Be good to it, be kind to it, take care of it. Sex is about communication, socializing. Intimacy is touching, getting close, and when I let energy come into my space, my alarms go off. I ti sup to me how far it goes, always remember to respect myself and the energy I am working with.

My needs in a relationship: health, what am I getting out of the relationship and what am I contributing to the relationship? Is the relationship 50/50? Food: do I bring new ideas into the relationship, make changes as the relationship evolves is also a need for a healthy relationship. I for one, have been caught taking someone for granted and just coasting. Eventually, you run out of gas and the relationship stalls. So change is good, new ideas are good, being attentive is essential. Shelter, it is important not to try to protec or shelter someone from others or situations. You become controlling and eventually, a little German Shepherd grows up to be a big German Shepherd and will resent your controlling and protective attitude.

Love: love everyone as I love myself. I can’t give something I don’t have, so I have to learn to love myself or I have nothing to give. Let the others in the relationship know, in an unemotional way, that I care. Sex is communicating and probably one of the most important needs in a relationship. Intimacy and intercourse are just deeper aspects.

My needs in the bigger picture, such as business, dealing with the outside world: health, moving forward with innovation. So as not to become stagnant or not be ready when the world changes. Food: open to new ideas understanding that there may be different ways of doing my opportunity. Shelter: always be aware what is going on adn anticipate what is or maybe around the corner. Taking my situation for granted is a deadly sin, I can lose a business by doing that. Love: love being of service and do my very best for my clients. Sex: communicate, communicate and let your clients know what you have and how it can help them.

There is no competition, I am evolving at my own pace, everyone has their own timing. So get rid of the stress and instead flow with spirit through your wonderland, never comparing yourself with others because you are on your unique journey with your team of Angels. We have common experiences but our journey is ours.

So love every moment and everyone we meet, no matter how different their views are respect and love them fo who they are. Life is simple when I let go and let myself flow. Just remember the verse/line in the song Love Every Moment. Things seem to change depending on how I percieve them so I turn my thoughts into love.

Craig Minor. First gift Intuitive North Carolina USA

I first met Craig many many years ago when he was part of a team of facilitators who volunteered to come to Australia from the States to help support the many study groups that were growing in number as well as training any of the Australian students to start and facilitate them. This team, as well as training, also facilitated the advanced level study groups, went on speaker tours all over Australia, and hosted regional and national conferences (camps) I remember Craig always had a smile on his face, was very kind, generous with his time and patient. He also had a wicked sense of humor. I am so happy that he agreed to submit this article. Thank you Craig for your willingness to be of service – you have always come through when I reached out to you.
Halina Oleskowska