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738 Series Evolution of Mysticism and the Human Psyche – Sydney NSW

July 27, 2019 @ 6:00 am - July 28, 2019 @ 5:00 pm


Hello  Fellow Searcher

I am thrilled to be able to offer these courses this coming July in Sydney.

Of all the courses Francisco Coll created I personally believe the full 738 series (12courses) is the most powerful because of how it enables us to break free from the paradigms that enslave us.

During these 4 courses (there are 12 in total the other 8 are scheduled for 2019 and 2020), you will first understand about Loyalty and Responsibility and the role they play in your current circumstances. Then you begin the journey of discerning “what is me” and “what is not me”.

Often we get involved in behaviour that is less than empowering, even when we don’t want to, and we don’t even know why, but it “takes over”. To understand why and how that happens, actually empowers us to choose. There is a very magical thing about choice. Being able to exercise our free will in our OWN best interests is very special (often we are simply acting out subconscious programs we don’t even know we have).

In these first four courses you will learn how you get caught in other peoples games and before you know it, you are in hook, line and sinker. You will learn the avenue that others are able to manipulate you, giving you the opportunity to see it coming.

These courses do all of this and more.

Can you imagine not reacting in a pressure situation? Can you imagine what it would be like to simply be present and then act only if it furthers your objective and be able to ignore the stuff that would normally hook you into a downward spiral with the other person… These courses can change this scenario for you.

We have structured an extremely special package for refreshers of these courses. We would like to back those who have done the courses years ago to take these four courses much deeper, to a new level. Each course in this package becomes a prerequisite for the next course so a course cannot be skipped or missed. You can register for the package with a simple deposit (see below).

There will be spiritual searchers flying in from around Australia and New Zealand to attend. These courses are being held at a live in camp situation.

#738 A B C D Evolution of Mysticism and The Human Psyche-Level I ,II, III, IV

#738A  Level I

  1. This course is basically for you to regroup your inner communication. You will delve into some of the outstanding qualities of the four spiritual gifts.
  2. Learn how the vibration of manipulation affects your life.
  3. See how your purchasing habits can give you insights about yourself and how vulnerable you are at times.
  4. Regroup your motives for a clearer and stronger direction.
  5. Start clarifying your loyalty, responsibility as well as your personal life, business life and how the maze affects your personal-social.

#738B  Level II

  1. In this course you will continue clarifying your loyalty and responsibility as you regroup your communication with your guidance.
  2. Find out how you can use certain qualities for effective communication.
  3. Delve deeper into the mechanics of inner guidance and the personal responsibility of inner guidance.
  4. Release habit patterns that hold you back from accomplishing what you came to do.

#738C  Level III

  1. This course deals basically with outside pivot points. With this course you will be able to regroup who is more important than you to yourself.
  2. You will clarify the importance of loyalty and see more clearly how a give and take needs to be on a 50/50 basis in order to avoid the pitfalls of saving or being an opportunist.
  3. You will find a simple way to always know the difference between your wants and your needs.
  4. You will re-emphasize the necessity to by-pass the maze in order to value who you are and what you have.
  5. You will see the relationship between amulets and your communication with yourself and the world around you.

#738D  Level IV

  1. This course basically deals with “the maze” and how it affects us in our personal-social
  2. Your personal-social is the sum total of all your experiences. Through regrouping these experiences you will be able to see how the degree of loyalty you have for yourself has affected the type of experiences you attracted in the past.
  3. After completing this course, you will be able to start making clearer decisions for the type of experiences you need to have in your future relationships with others. You will also experience a new dimension of closeness with your guidance. You will live more in the now and see the possibilities of what could happen in your future.
  4. Through the understanding you gain in the course. You will be able to see that staying detached from the maze you have been caught up in is your responsibility. This understanding is a giant step in being in charge of your energy more often. It is the strengthening of your responsibility to be loyal to yourself and what you came to do.
  5. Through understanding we are all more relaxed. Through being more relaxed. We make clearer decisions. After that,  all we have to do is do it, consistently regrouping and clarifying where we are at all times in our journey.

Due to the early start time of these courses, we recommend that you arrive at camp the Friday Afternoon/Evening 26th July because courses starts at 6am Saturday.

Because of the very nature of these courses  you will find that there is often something important that you already have booked on these dates or something comes up between now and the course. This is normal and is part of the process to have you be ready to really delve into being loyal to yourself first….

Pre-requisite for 738A : to have experienced the 1002A Blockage Discovery Profile Each course  has as prerequisite the previous numbered course IE prerequisite for 738 B is 738 A

Course Pricing (only)

FIRST TIMER 738 A to D Weekend Total $432

REFRESHER PACKAGE Refresh 738 A to D  Total $150.00  – This special price is to support the Journeyman who did these courses a long time ago and also support those flying in from New Zealand and interstate.

Meals and Lodgings

Meals Saturday breakfast  to Sunday lunch  $60

Saturday Lunch & dinner Sunday lunch and bring your own breakfasts  $50

Lodgings  $90 for weekend.

Total for Meals and Lodgings    $150

If you have any special dietary requirements then please let me know with your registration. Registration

Payment Arrangements

Minimum deposit $100 Or pay in full on registration Or you may pay with any number of installments.   The Courses and Meals and Lodgings must be paid in full by 22nd  July

Payments are to be made to:

Commonwealth bank John Shortell BSB 062-692 Acct 3431 3933  – Note:  You must put “Surname 738 ABCD Syd” in the description of the transaction and then sent an email to john@freedombydesign.com.au advising the payment has been made.

If you have any questions/things you would like to discuss about the program, meals and lodgings or payments please call John Shortell 0412 135 088 or email john@freedombydesign.com.au


July 27, 2019 @ 6:00 am
July 28, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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John Shortell
0412 135 088