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Why Am I So Misunderstood? Free Presentation

May 11, 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


The four types of extra sensory perception is the cutting edge breakthrough secret that can take the mystery out of miscommunication in your relationships.

What is Extra Sensory Perception(ESP)?  ESP describes an experience of being consciously aware of something that transcends your normal senses. It is having an inner awareness that is normally inexplicable. ESP is the psychic sensitivity part of you that has hunches that come true or a mother’s intuition that gives a warning when children are in danger. ESP is having premonitions of future events. There are many more examples.

Most people do not realize there is a second quality to Extra Sensory Perception. And that has distinctive personality traits and unique styles of communication.  It is this second trait that can create miscommunication and stress among people

The four types of ESP are:

  • Inner Knowing – Communicates through a vague inner knowing. Has a difficult time expressing themselves in a logical, chronological order. Daydreams a lot.
  • Visual – Communicates through an inner awareness of where events in life fit in a big picture sense. Usually systematic and logically organized.
  • Conceptual – Communicates through ideas and is well “thought out.” Appreciates simple, direct, and factual communication
  • Feeling/Empathic – Communicates how a situation feels to them. May have difficulty putting the feeling into simple, concise words. Enjoys direct touch.

Everyone has all four types, but uses one and a primary style. In many relationships Visual and Conceptual people have difficulty communicating with Inner Knowing or Feeling people. An Inner Knowing person is unconventional and misunderstood easily. Feeling people usually feel overwhelmed when working with strong, insensitive  people.

The above are just a few examples that explain miscommunication due to the lack of awareness of the four ESP Personalty Types.

Attend our free presentation and gain a comprehensive awareness of the Four Extra Sensory Perception Types. The presentation will reveal the true underlying reason why you feel misunderstood and frustrated when communicating with certain people

Do people misunderstand you a lot and feel disconnected?

There is a reason. Learn our breakthrough insights into the spiritual dimensions of how we communicate. Learn how to share more freely with loved ones. Free presentations near you will share important insights. Do not miss one in your area.

Saturday 11th May, 2019 – 1 pm

Melbourne: Diamond Valley Learning Center Corner Of Diamond Creek &, St Helena Rd, Greensborough

Perth:  144 Camberwarra Drive Craigie

Cairns:   77 Woodward Street Edgehill

Limited space available: Register below to secure your place.



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