Foundations of the Real You

A free booklet with an introduction to What Life is All About. You are energy, You are here to Learn and Grow, You have a unique purpose and thrust, You have Inner Guidance, You are free.

Excerpt from the Introduction “The purpose of this Booklet is to assist you to do what you came to do this life. Becoming a master of yourself, your energy and your situations will bring you all the happiness, success and abundance you seek.

What you are about to explore is an introduction to over 60 years worth of personal and spiritual research and development, to enrich peoples lives. Literally millions of people around the world have been exposed to the tools, techniques and materials created from this research. All of which, has been gathered through inspiration as well as through practical trial and error. This booklet is designed to re-awaken you to these foundational truths which you will find in all aspects of life. It prepares you to make them a way of life rather than just an intellectual understanding.”

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