Connecting People On Their Spiritual Path

IPMI Homestudy Program

For anyone who has the inner concern to take a good look at themselves in order to better their way of life.
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This course will help you experience life from the inner depth of you inner self, so you can learn to attract what you truly want and need for you spiritual growth and fulfilment. 

When you discover the spiritual significance of each experience, you become more detached about life so you can enjoy the beauty of each moment and each situation you encounter.

With the course you will practice refining your spiritual gifts and your means of communication with your team of master souls.

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Topics for the 12 Lessons in Facet 1

The IPMI-Au Homestudy program is designed to be worked with throughout one year. Each lesson explored monthly and every three months a quarterly regrouping to check in as to what you are getting out of this. Each lesson includes reading topics and technique worksheets that can be printed. 

  • Lesson 1: Setting Goals in Life
  • Lesson 2: What do you want in Life?
  • Lesson 3: The Soul and the Body
  • 1st Personal Growth Evaluation
  • Lesson 4: Levels of Consciousness
  • Lesson 5: You and Your Environment
  • Lesson 6: Making Decisions
  • 2nd Personal Growth Evaluation
  • Lesson 7: Having the Right Timing
  • Lesson 8: Your Pivot Point
  • Lesson 9: The importance of respect in Society
  • 3rd Personal Growth Evaluation
  • Lesson 10: You are Perfect
  • Lesson 11: Three States of Consciousness
  • Lesson 12: The Importance of Knowing Your Purpose
  • 4th Personal Growth Evaluation

***PLUS: Enjoy the benefit of deeper insights and understandings from Australian leaders in the field via the additional “In Depth” section for each lesson.  AND, when you subscribe you will receive a Welcome Email with information to work with this subscriptions, as well as a reminder every 3 lessons to check in and regroup your experiences with the material.

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