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Community Service Subscription

IPMI Australia “Community Services Member” (Member) is an opportunity to work together as a team to build and expand the feeling of belonging and fellowship with an intent of spiritual unity and camaraderie with our spiritual brothers and sisters.

What can IPMI Australia do for you

IPMI Australia (IPMI Aus) has now taken up the opportunity of having an Independent Contract with Wayshowers College and is able to offer Level 1 and Level 2 courses to the community and leaders (based around the “6 steps” program) as well as a comprehensive “Curriculum Training Program”, which is specifically designed to assist leadership development in areas of personal, business and social.

IPMI Aus will provide the following support and service to their Members. Below are the areas of support and service:

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Ways to support and what we ask of you as a Member

As Members we have an opportunity to bring our unlimited wisdom, vast experience and in-depth knowledge to the many projects being instigated and/or sponsored by IPMI Aus. Many of us have skills and/or want to learn new skills that can be utilised through the various opportunities.

  • Bring the spirit of enthusiasm and fun to your membership and be involved.
  • Complete your bio and professional photo in the IPMI Aus and Wayshowers College websites if required.
  • Promote IPMI Aus services information at all lectures and workshops.

Ideas and suggestions of what you can become involved in:

  • Share Public posts on your Social Media.
  • Update Media List and Venue List on the IPMI Au website.
  • Participate in local Steering Committees.
  • Offer Theme of the Month Talks.
  • Participate in community Free Talks.
  • Bring your experience and assist with training of new Subscriber Level members.
  • Write articles to share of your wisdom or use as an opportunity for outflow, these articles will be linked back to your bio.
  • Support the creation of content, for example Webinars, Podcasts and Videos etc.
  • Participating in the Curriculum – working with the Admin, Promo and Consolidator energy.
  • Work with a team to be involved in Camps.

There are so many opportunities to be involved in and projects to support, as we all know it is easier in a Team.

Members building their Independent business

Members who wish to present events, independently of IPMI Aus, can apply for event sponsorship from IPMI Aus.  You do not need to have an Independent Contract with Wayshowers College if you are a Member of IPMI Aus as they have the contract.

Payment Structure

To achieve the above and the success of each of us as Leaders/Members, we will be operating on the commission basis of 40% to the Member and 60% to IPMI Aus for all courses. Groupwork will operate on the commission base of 60% to the Member and 40% to IPMI Aus.

Subscription Fee: $50 Annually Pre-Requisites for Subscribers: