Connecting People On Their Spiritual Path

This GOLD subscription is designed to provide you, the subscriber, with the backing and support that will allow you to share and regroup as you grow.   A part of strengthening your spiritual growth, is also to share your wisdom and insights with others. This subscription area, allows you to share in your own timing with fellow subscribers in a community environment to mutually learn and grow.   There are many opportunities available as a Subscriber of IPMI Au such as:

  • Access to a range of Webinars for your own insight and understanding.
  • IPMI Au Subscriber discounts to IPMI Au hosted events.
  • Subscriber specific blogs on areas such as:
    • IPMI Au Events and Retreats
    • Subscriber Events
    • Spiritual Growth – For Subscribers only
    • Theme of the Month

  Subscriber Fee: $90 annually   Pre-Requisites for GOLD Subscription:

  • Has experienced or are currently participating in any of the below group work.
    • New Spiritual
    • Inner Peace Movement
    • Astro Soul
    • Profound Mystical Meditation
    • Peace Community Church
  • Has experienced the 1001 Spiritual Orientation Profile

  Recommended Has experienced the following Spiritual Profiles