Connecting People On Their Spiritual Path

Silver  Subscription   Enjoy being part of an online community, with resources and events that are easily accessed. You can attend a range of basic level or in-depth workshops and retreats focused on developing your personal skills and making spirituality practical in your life. Your subscription includes: 

  • Receiving notification of upcoming IPMI Au Events and Retreats
  • Access to a Calendar of Events in your area
  • Access to a Monthly Theme sharing on the Spiritual energy and insights for the upcoming month.
  • Blogs/Articles to assist you in your spiritual growth
  • Webinar access to areas such as The Big Picture of the Spiritual Gifts
  • Your Subscribers Welcome Pack, which includes downloadable “My Day” diary/journal page template to use
  • Daily Spiritual Routines information leaflet
  • Daily Routines outline
  • Personal Spiritual Energy clearing technique
  • Log-in access to member-only areas of our website

Coaching assistance with the Journal and Daily Routines is available via Skype. Bookings Required

Pre-requisites:       NONE Subscription fee:  $30.00 annually Recommended: The following products or services are also helpful to your personal growth – offered by our supporter organisation, Wayshowers College, or by affiliated spiritual leaders:-

  • The Spiritual Orientation Profile, which teaches you how to connect with your own Spirit Guides for clear answers and insights.
  • The “Man in The Universe” Orientation Lecture or lecture podcast, gives a bigger overview of life as a soul on planet earth, balancing the spiritual and material worlds, and how you can clarify your life purpose.